THE EXTENDED & UNCUT VERSION - An Open Letter to the Recently Transitioned Station Owner/ Operator of VEGERADIO.COM

ADDITIONAL LAMENTATIONS....On the Sad Occasion of my 5:00 pm Pacific Time e-Show, One Opinionated Son of A Blacksmith!NOT Appearing as Agreed for the first time since 1.23.2021

Dear Brother Beloved Vernon Prince, Jr.:

Good Friday evening! Where did 1 SOAB! get to tonight? Did I miss a programming change?

Okay, Doc! What's happening at!!!?? Are you okay? DID DESantis finally kill all the Black folks in North Central Florida! Well if THAT HAPPENED, I guess I'll have to forgive your behind posthumously for not broadcasting 1 OSOAB! per our agreement! 🤟🖖👍💜💙🧡🖤💚🤍❤🙂😇😇😇😇! Sending angels to guide you and your daughters(?!! guess he got them too?!?)

Well, I did sound a warning back last year when you first reached out. But you and Dr. Felecia Jett down near Tampa assured me and all of #NUBAA FB that all was well.😡😥🤒🥶

Well I guess this is God's way of letting me know its past time for me to go all the way live on FB, Instagram, and....I Cannot Believe Imma say this ..TIK-TOK TOO!

But its time...all y'all dead...and ya could have gotten out ahead of the Friday Night Football Massacre! Just like a chunky monkey Hissspanic yellow cracker to do it on a game night in towns up and down their so called Gold Coast/ Gulf Shores. I hope Greta Thunberg and her crew were right ( in an ironic twist, the Atlantic Ocean finally rose up and swallowed Florida Wholesale😆)-- now that y'all must all be dead since I have no communications from either one of y'all--- and I owe Dr. Jett more money than I paid you, shoot! Just my luck! Why oh why God do I have to always bet on the wrong horse race altogether! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Well IN REMEMBRANCE OF YOU least all the BIPOC and White folks that share my POV IN Florida! I will at least sound the alarm long and loud right from where I am today, Saturday January 15, 2022 with how many ever hours I have left.💀☠🙃😤

Yes! Just call me One ( unrepentant and unbowed! BLACK, GAY CELIBATE FOR 29 YEARS BY CHOICE MALE WITH NO KNOWN CHILDREN , A CITIZEN OF THE USA WITH NO KNOWN TRIBE WHO HAS EVER REALLY CLAIMED ME since my beloved mother introduced me to the world at 4:30 am at Lewis Memorial Hospital (the hospital of record for Black folks mostly at that time) in Chicago, IL on a Wednesday, May 13. 1959! As if that wasn't enough, the Headline on that days' edition of the NYT reported our racist fascist US CONGRESS was voting on whether or not to send all the Black American citizens back to Africa on cruise ships. TRUE STORY, BTW.
Frankly, we might arguably have been better off if they had passed the legislation. But alas, THEN as NOW, those whores masquerading as politicians sucking at the sex organs of their corporate concubines dicked around and made alot of noise signifying nothing. Probably high as kites on all the weed and speed, and cocaine they had unfettered access to at the time.

There was ALWAYS, quiet as its been kept, a reason for their season of lights...They realized with the first deaths by alcohol overdose that alcohol could take out whole swaths of people from hunter-gatherer societies much more efficiently than those smallpox infected blankets they laid on the I's in the acronym BIPOC!

So they called all the good stuff Schedule 1 Controlled substances and proceeded to become raging closeted straight up addicts. You do realize that was exactly the primordial ooze from which Donald John Trump was born? That boy and his progeny are all addicts to one thing or another from way back. Shoot, look up and live...well I guess its too late for y'all to do that now...the only women he could get to marry him are all semi-literate White Russian Trailer Trash... nobody wants to actually be them...but they are majorly entertaining...especially alone on a Friday night after a few cocktails ...if you are a Heterodox orthodox Breeder, I suppose...🤑🤫🤔🤐🤮😱👾.

And just like next FB LIVE script is in the can! Now on to the next show where I name names and kick a$$e$ from here to Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will be Done in the hearts of We, The People! That's gonna be a hum- dinger! 💀☠😡😠🤬👽👾👽👽👽👽👽😽😽😽😽👾👽👻👻👻👻

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Bill Pitzonka , I resonate with 1977, the year of my epic graduation from JFKHS in the City HAMILTON! made famous in NEW! Jersey, one of Great! AMERICAS! original 13 Colonies. Choosing Northwestern University Class of 1981 OVER Yale, Renssaelaer Polytechnic, and Case-Western Reserve ( still an odd way to name a perfectly decent early decision school. I successfully royally pissed off my Closeted LogCabin Lincoln Republican Father🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌤. But he got his revenge, I suppose, when, instead of driving me to the airport at Newark as I left his incestous homestead as an adult out here on my own ( FAME! I'm Gonna Live 4 Ever!...) he and my favorite cool Uncle drove off for daddy to get a private tour of his MASSAS MANSE-- the New Jersey home of the one and only Richard Millhouse NIXON!💯🙈🙉🙊 True story, BTW. AND quiet as it has been kept until today, I cried my eyes out win the shower that morning because he had once again missed the biggest moment of my adult life...on purpose and by design🤑🤑🤑🤑🤢🤢🤢😱🤬🤬🤬! Fast forward to burying his remains after a surreal funeral of an unending stream of,white Jewish, Roman Catholic Italian and American Evangelical Politicians who our family had never known-- but claimed to have LOVED my father and worshipped the ground he walked on...well now y'all know me in a way THAT MAN(?!!!) never ever did. 🙂🙃😒 Yep, daddy was the only member of my family who never visited me in the only home I ever loved fully as a fully adult SURVIVOR-transitioning- to - THRIVING!❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💯💥🖖🤘👍🖖🤟👍🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌞

These photos of Japanese Americans in concentration camps went largely unseen for decades.

SO why is VOX BRINGING THEM BACK THE WEEKEND BEFORE MLKJR is venerated? What or WHO AMONG THE JEWISH MEDIA MOGULS PROGENY ARE WE FORGETTING? NOTE WELL: It is denlfinitely not newly(??!!?) converted Jewish acolyte And KevinHart comedian Tiffany Haddish who just famously mutually uncoupled from(?) with(?) COMMON. Whether or not he ever acknowledges this... he dodged a bullet. Better to be alive and grieving that a slave to verboten love, so THEY! say, quiet as its usually kept.

Yeah...the German NAZI'S were also legendary for their meticulous record keeping. So Vox ... your point is......???!!!???😱😱 And , it turns out Hitler and his Leadership team admired what the USA had maintained via Reconstruction and Jim Crow Segregation during the Depression as the USA marched across the globe and went on to master the science of nuclear ballistic warheads accurate to within 10 feet of any target they were aimed at. Quiet as it was once upon a nightmare kept, I was one of legions of American Citizens who made sure our WMD'S were built to last, on budget and on time. Not my best lifetime achievement, but I was raised where we were taught "confession was /is still (?!?) Good for the soul.

Friends on Tropical Islands living while Juicing...

Me this morning. I’m blessed we’re all triple vaccinated so we are all only feeling mild symptoms. So I went into my orchard where I have lemons oranges papaya mango avocado and a few other ones and picked myself a whole bunch of fresh oranges and making myself fresh orange juice this morning so don’t worry about me or anybody in our house we all seem to be doing OK but it’s a wake up call for everybody who is not vaccinated that if you can do everything right and you can still get infected what does the unvaccinated do now??? 65% more likely to end up in the hospital or die without a vaccination doesn’t sound like a very good game of Russian roulette

John Ponce , sadly, you may be onto something. I wonder how many of "THEM!" are "passive aggressive suicides" ? For that group staying staunchly unvaxxed unmasked and never social distancing makes perfect ( if not also perverted and profoundly insane) sense. Just a thought....I just wish "THEY!" weren't also sociopathic narcissists who want everybody to die with "THEM(!)"! 😱😵🤔🤫😨
"...over 600,000 students in March when he officially comes on board." - CBS TV reporter. Let's start there. If current realities are still extant (e.g., District Office Admin as long term substitutes, State Standards Relaxed by Gov. Newsom in acknowledgement of a NATIONWIDE teacher shortage, and the start of early voting in a election season without Voting Rights Federal Legislation in place, and all elected officials including a majority(?) of Los Angeles School Board Members beholden to the major white corporate donors and NOT all of the diverse electorate, in an LAUSD demonstrably economically segregated with the IT infrastructure of Luddites in the impoverished global south). Why would anyone who can afford to leave choose to remain in the quiet toxicity that is the day-to-day status quo of the LAUSD and its handmaidens UTLA and CTA? And can anyone at any level of the Governance Structure ( municipal, city, county, state, and or federal) explain how and why primary responsibility for COVID SPREAD risk management is being assigned to classroom teachers and paraprofessional staff, the least powerful in the hierarchy? The Great and Powerful Wizard of the CDC, A. F., now changes his recommendations daily-- and NOT EVEN HIS BOSS????!!!?? is questioning the constant redirection as a Global Public Health Crisis worsens. Behold, the greatest Hedging of a Big Bet the Education World has ever known. If I had a child, they would aready be in a homeschool or a pandemic pod. As such, lockdown lifestyle and virtual learning would be routine and mastered a long time ago.. like 1997!

Costco carries this jam and I felt that this story needed to be shared.

*The incident took place in a supermarket in New Jersey. The tweet is by Michael Perino @ProfessorPerino*

“At the supermarket today, I found a small, elderly woman standing in front of a high shelf holding @BonneMamanUS preserves. She was having trouble finding the flavor she wanted because the jars were set back on the shelf.

She couldn’t read the labels. She could barely reach them. I offered to help.

After I handed her the raspberry preserves, she thanked me, paused, and then asked, “Do you know why I buy this brand?”

I laughed and replied, “Because it tastes good?”

“Yes, it tastes good.” She paused again. “I am a Holocaust survivor.”

This was not the conversation I expected on a Sunday grocery run. “During the war, the family that owns the company hid my family in Paris. So now I always buy it. And whenever I go to the store, my grandkids remind me, ‘Bubbe, don’t forget to buy the jelly.’”

I told her that that was the best reason I ever heard to buy any company’s product. And then we both smiled behind our masks and went our separate ways.”
Someone else on Twitter looked into the story and indeed, the town that Andros Company, the makers of Bonne Maman, comes from, hid and saved Jewish families in WW2. It was called Biars sur Cere, which then had about 800 villagers.

From an article, “You have to understand what it was like then. There were posters on the walls, from the Nazis and from the collaborators, and they said that if you are found to help a Jew, a freemason, a communist, a socialist, or a pervert, you will be shot on sight.” Despite the great danger in which helping them put the villagers in, still they kept the children safe.”

A good reason to buy Bonne Maman products. And a poignant reminder that when we look out for each other it can change lives, and that there are good and selfless people in the world.

♥️Bonne Maman! 🇫🇷

And yet, Talbott Kimball Dowst the fact that the USA is perilously close to repeating this dark history, with many of the same players, some in suprisingly (?) DIFFERENT ROLES, makes this a bitter/sickeningly sweet remembrance.

Can we/ will we finally,on this pre MLK Jr. Memorial Weekend, mindfully and with a common shared purpose and determination, CHOOSE COMMUNITY OVER CHAOS? What does it profit the USA consumer to gain a delicious preserve and surrender everyone's freedom for a white minority rule led by Senators from Arizona and West Virginia while many states above and below the OG Mason/Dixon Line continue to legislate their return to segregation and a "Third Reconstruction". Y'all best get to re-telling those stories as cautionary tales that must never be repeated-- never forget! #literacyisessentialtoallrepresentativedemocracies , #leotards

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.