A European Migration Origin Story has yet to be Told or Examined.

This story ( stories?) of what compelled the masses to board the boats that made landfall on the Americas really must be told.
The underreported story asks exactly how much cruelty, terror, bullying, teasing, brutality and scapegoating did your ancestors’ experience that compelled them to invade the American Continent? Prior to bringing smallpox and polio to the OG Virgin America, who taught you to hate and fear with such religious zealotry in the first place? My strong suspicion, it was probably your cultural appropriation on that ( those) agrarian spirituality(-ties?) you snatched up on your way north from the African continent and passed off as your seminal sacred texts that fueled your departure.

When the Europeans got rid of most of y’all, those obscenely huge cathedrals you took centuries to build have been mostly recycled/ repurposed as be the restaurants, museums, and crypts ( to put bones in naturally cold storage, of course) toured by millions of "ugly Americans". Thankfully, folks in the USA are beginning to envision and expand a similar recycling of way too huge and impossible to heat spaces that remain virtually empty and thankfully* unnecessary as long as massive gatherings remain a threat to public health.

Really folks, IT IS SIMPLY NOT OUR FAULT or anyone's fault you were born with a melanin deficiency. If the Kardashian-Jenners are any indication, you can attempt to remake your whole body into whatever you can truly love when you stand naked before your favorite mirror.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't point out Comrade CA Candidate Lawrence Elder, a.k.a. the WizzerWhiteChocolate confection, wears pancake makeup and lipstick at every public appearance. Let me remind you this man couldn't find and stay married to Black or White women. In case you were wondering, closeted Log Cabin Republicans are not attracted to overly made-up made men either. Do we really want an obviously sexually repressed man as California's next Governor?
Before y'all answer that, riddle me this-- do we really want to satisfy dry, brittle, mean and salty white GOP's insatiable hunger for misdirected revenge?

Weaponizing novel corona viruses was financed by white deep pockets and outsourced to the ready and willing Chinese originally recruited and groomed by the Tricky Richard "Dick" Millhouse Nixon clan that married up to the Eisenhower nihilists. Chinese labs conveniently provided plausible deniability for the USA. Our presses may have printed the dollars, but they can not( yet) be traced conclusively to printers on the American continent.

*- Church, like education, works best in neighborhood settings with small class sizes. Look at any filmmakers' redacted histories of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ the Jewish carpenter and son of Mary. Note well Joseph never once claimed paternity.
Furthermore, Magnificat, also called Canticle of Mary or Ode of the Theotokos, in Christianity, the hymn of praise was sung by Mary, the mother of Jesus, found in Luke 1:46–55. Recall the childhood hand-game folks, the church was always the people and never the steeple.

Moreover, according to Israeli tour guides, the Sermon on the Mount occurred(?) outdoors in harmony with the natural environment. While we're chatting, also remember Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and The Disciples somehow always brought beverages and or nutritious food to feed the masses. Not the other way around. Finally, and this we must always keep reminding y'all, they never walked into bedrooms to see who was doing what with whomever. None of the appointed or self-appointed Judges or Kings ever claimed first-hand carnal knowledge. See that would have established them as creepy perverts who " just liked to watch." Salacious and unsubstantiated rumors about sexuality were never anything Jesus ever dealt with or dabbled with-- as far as anybody has ever confirmed. Besides, neither I nor any other practicing theologian has first-person stories from anybody except Paul. And that short stumpy troll Paul likely suffered brain trauma in his same-sex transition from Saul to Paul. So do we really want to argue about anything a misogynist had to say about a tribe he consistently denied until he got revenge for whatever/ whomever(?) pissed him off in Sodom.

Claimer: These words were composed during the following featured good news selection:
Wait on the Lord - feat. Donald V ails' Choraleers.

(C) Vernon Nickerson Schoolcoach 2021. All rights reserved.



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


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