The problem I have with Lawrence Allen Elder is pretty much EVERYTHING HE HAS INTENTIONALLY CHOSEN TO HIDE

( see rare public photo below).

Note also: His wife owns a pro-Right media company that was cited approvingly by Donald J. Trump. Mrs. Alexandra Datig is Swiss-American. Her father was American; her mother was a Switzerland- born haute coutre model. They have no biological, adopted or foster children. He is an adherent to Libertarianism, a dominant stream of thought embraced by too many racist white folk to do PCs any real and lasting good. He would likely support arming both sides in any race-based conflicts. ( sidebar: Read the Latest VANITY FAIR article about Ft. Hood and Killeen, Texas: Mystery Military Murder Capital in Texas. Guns, PTSD, and endless wars with endless deployment is a deadly toxic virus all of human design). LAE thinks weapons in schools would be a good thing to prevent school shootings. Oh, by the way, Mrs. Alexandra Datig Elder has been a repeat guest on...The TUCKER CARLSON(!?!?!)SHOW and a paid commentator on Fox News.

Now, to be luridly and morbidly curious, I would love to place an invisible army of those mechanical fleas from " Black Mirror" as a live streaming feed on Mr.and Mrs. Lawrence Datig-Elder, but I really don't NEED to do that. Now, doesn't she look like somewhere on the Human Family Tree, she is some kin to Kellyanne Conway?
Do we need another media personality with a Twiggy-thin version of DJT's Bride-of-Frankenschteen ( not -stein!)?
It is a common trope, backed by peer-reviewed research (?) that 'families are only as sick as their deepest and closely held secrets.

Consequently, with so many lives hanging in the balance in too many 'RedStates', I am asking all Californians to consider the September 14 referendum as a way to allow California's Governor Gavin Newsom to finish his term. Nothing more, nothing less.

Once Lawrence Allen Elder can be 100% transparent about all of his life and work, I would be willing to consider him after we end homelessness and legislate a permanent ban on all deadly weapons in all public and private pre-K to 12 and higher education institutions. Me. Elder shows potential based upon his upbringing, education, and many of his policy positions-- EXCEPT for the very idea of arming teachers, administrators, or students and or allowing deadly force weapons anywhere within 100 feet of any school campus.

I have come to the conclusion that those who have never chosen to parent or teach children cannot be permitted to offer educational policy. Too often they cannot filter their grand designs through the laser-like gaze of the youngest and most vulnerable - our next generations.
Vernon Nickerson and the VernonNickersonSchoolcoach brand flagship DO NOT SUPPORT THE Lawrence Allen Elder-Datig candidacy at this time.
(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021. All Rights Reserved.


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