The VernonNickersonSchoolcoach backstory:
Based upon 40 years of consuming the Los Angeles Times 1981 to 2021. THIS IS MY STORY, THIS IS MY SONG, PRAISING MY SAVIOR ( UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) ALL THE DAY LONG)

There must be zero tolerance and accountability for hate crimes where the haters manufacture a villian/ demon/ enemy who is doing them no harm. Where are the same police who intrude and kill unarmed children and report them as the enemy/ criminal/ disabled?

Again, can anyone explain why this reporter is not complicit in what is happening in a neighborhood "on her beat", so to speak? If the reporter gets free career promotion from her employer, why don't they also address how lack of editorial oversight prevented her from really deeply over time covering racist acts of terror in Orange County since developers were allowed to build over once abundant orange groves to enhance the generational wealth of the pink-skinned colonizers who " settled" and "civilized" California/ rape, murdered, harassing, firebombed, and looted scores of Indigenous people and Mexicans who comparatively speaking were living peacefully before the greedy religious zealots arrived?

Hannah Fry is a Metro reporter covering Orange County for the Los Angeles Times. She joined the newspaper in 2013 as a reporter for the Daily Pilot, a Times Community News publication. Fry most recently covered breaking news for The Times and was part of the team that was a 2020 Pulitzer finalist for its coverage of a boat fire that killed 34 people off the coast of Santa Barbara. She grew up in Orange County and got her start as an intern at the Orange County Register.

One message that touting her Orange County heritage begs the question as to why her editors had her schlep all the way to beautiful, balmy, and less racist(?) Santa Barbara where the police murdered the son of a dear friend of mine. He was a local law enforcement professional. It was a poisoning similar to the Russian government poisoning of its most vocal critic. But this beautiful, super- smart and kind and built-like-a-brick-house young Black man didn't live so he might serve and protect well into a retirement career in service to his community. The same way Hannah Fry got to have a career arc with one of the most politically powerful newspapers in California, the US, and the world?

Will someone explain why this is relevant and or worthy of publication?
James Rainey

James Rainey has covered multiple presidential elections, the media and the environment, mostly at the Los Angeles Times, which he first joined in 1984. He was part of Times teams that won three Pulitzer Prizes.

Why not assign James Rainey and the venerable Howard " 2 superior daughters" Blume to conduct an analysis of all 300 pieces of LA Times reportage using the same rubric developed by the same teacher's union they consistently ( apparently) first chose to demonize? Where's the reportage lauding POTUS45, defending POTUS45, and minimizing the impact of his racist, homo-and-trans-phobic, misogynistic, bereft of any meaningful solutions to immigration, child concentration camps, homelessness, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, proliferation of mega-churches silent and not addressing local Healthcare inequities among non- living wage-compensated scores of Disneyland/ Anaheim/ Santa Ana POC who are relegated to economically segregated public schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County metroplex?

Why don't they hire me as a full-time digital research assistant/ pedagogical content specialist? I could also design a statewide journalism education feeder program to raise generations of Pulitzer Prize winning journalists of the full rainbow of skin color across the full political spectrum.

I would in turn seek to engage the services of NU 's Medill School of Journalism, helmed by Dr. Charles Whitaker, as technical consultants on this first-in-the-nation project to transform the depth and breadth of quality investigative journalism and editorial standards of accountability.

Don't even get me started on Steve- sellout-after-homeless movie role helmed by Jamie Foxx - López. He abandoned reportage on Southern California's dominant European- centric defense aerospace industry after its collapse after the Nuclear freeze movement, too. You would have to have traced his by-lines of the " long arc of inclusion, Justice, and equity from 1981 to present day. I have. You see, as a registered voter in my adopted-as-an-adult-homestate, that was part of my civic engagement and ethical/ moral responsibilities as a citizen of a Democratic Republic. These are the lessons I was taught in public schools in Chicago Illinois Paterson New Jersey and private institutions in Chicago Illinois Pasadena California and digitally located in Prescott Arizona and now San Diego California.

My journey began with excellent social studies, world history, us history us constitution, and journalism teachers . Each of them; all of them- held the highest academic performance and behavioural expectations of me which I was excited to go to class into school every day to prove that I could reach. As a matter of fact by the time I reached the ripe old age of 13 I had been equipped to learn much even from the worst examples of teachers that I ever had at that time period. Yes as I now realize the horrible examples of pedagogy that I would have in my college and post graduate school years were all people who were straight up racists ; Silence, secrets, ignorance, unchecked raw power/ white supremacy: the themes/ stereotypical negative behaviors in every case where there was a negative educational outcome there was pervasive persistent and aggressive energy directed towards my failure and not my success as a student.

From the mysterious person who fed me milk because she simply presumed that I was a hungry in poorer black child since I was the only black child in her classroom all the way to the 2 full on doctoral level educational professionals who had some mysterious unspoken and undocumented beef to me O yes there beef was documented within the halls of their Guild that they wish to keep me and other African American qualified professionals out of. Beef that was never explained to me never followed up,with Never spoken to me. That, gentle reader, is the major major and pretty much the only consistently effective technique of the fascist: SILENCE, slow and steady SILENCE!

If I take away your voice if I distract you from speaking if I forbid you to speak and finally if I put you in a situation where you can't speak to or talk to or be with other sentient human beings with a mindset toward freedom Justice inclusion and equal access, well I've accomplished my task I've called" gotten rid Of people that I never liked Anyway.
Yes, through Applied silence, I have eliminated the threat of excellence. I have constructively terminated the potential to finally take this nation to heights that it has not yet ever known. Silence sends a chilling effect. It stunts the growth of to anyone who ever said or believed or acted on the belief that together we really are stronger.

Think about it America. Imagine if for the past 5 years we had had a president who did everything in their words and actions to unify this nation, to unify the nations of the world, and to focus on the needs of people around the globe. Basic needs ; nothing fancy: food, shelter,education, affordability, Decent compensation , compensation in line with what they're doing , compensation in line with the contribution their labor is making to society at large. What public good do professional football, baseball, basketball, and soccer add to society to justify astronomical wages, but zero retirement healthcare? Why not the best for everyone in all professions? Why can't we focus on the highest expectations? Why can't we force ourselves to sit down with ourselves and each other long enough to resolve whatever problem seemed to be intractable? Why is a gun as self defence a knife is self defence numb chucks itself defence flying stars as self defence, I don't know, you name the weapon. I am over weapons, Ridiculous stupid petty unnecessary and really don't resolve the problem because they leave hurt and resentment in their wake not nearly as much satisfaction; rarely satisfaction. To be continued...


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.