What is a public good? How is that designation determined? Who dictates what is created and packaged as a public good? Who is consuming public goods like Yahoo! News and HBO's Euphoria?


INTROIT: a chorus and great cloud of expert witnesses


One day, SARS-CoV-2 was a problem for other people: the residents of Wuhan, China; hospital staff in northern Italy; the passengers aboard a Diamond Princess c...

1.) And we all knew they knew
2.) And we all knew they knew and were not coming to help anyone except themselves
3.) And we all knew they knew and were going to support the elite and elite-adjacent, to Hades with the testing of us and the rest of us!
4.) And we all knew they knew and would use Their " bibles" to justify their SILENCE = DEATH to all POCs Master Race Execution plan. To interfere with the virus would be to quench the holy fire that had neen sent. THEY set up a situation ripe for fear mongering, bullying, shaming, random acts of public and private violence at an unprecedented scale.
5.) And we all knew they knew, because anyone telling the truth and ringing out a warning, were demonized, dismissed, discounted, and ignored: Rev. Dr. William Joseph Barber II, Umair Haque, Richard D. Wolff, Timothy Snyder, Anand Girahadaras, Malcolm Nance, Amy Goodman, Peter Joseph.

6.) And we all knew they knew, because what happened to me started while I was in intensive outpatient treatment and written off by everyone at LAUSD iCAPP. But my principal needed me to return and be retained. She did everything in her power to "securely return and retain me at Widney CPTC. I rose to the threat and challenge and returned to lead 100% of my homeroom cohort and their families seamlessly from brick-and-mortar to virtual classroom. My teaching background never changed as i stayed within the Motel 6 family of motels. So did many of the poor and low wealth families with one or more 22 year olds similar to my caseload. We had all been thrown into homelessness and a nomadic lifrstyle. Separated from street tents in the luxury of earning below- poverty-rate wages, and having vehicles and health insurance and EBT assisstance. You see, before the pandemic, we knew we were all one paycheck or missed payment away from falling into an abyss of street life,- and not the disco song variant.

7.) And we all knew they knew, especially when time after time, we were taken advantage of, verbally and psychologically maltreated by:
Patricia " you made a mistake, so we are here to make sure you don't make that same mistake again" Pernin, and Tracy "too good yo be truly of any good intent but a stellar acting talent" Eagle, Diane "a. Royal. A .hole UTLA Home Office Drone wbo revealed the plot by verbally abusing me in the middle of the night in the early days of chaos, wind and rain" Haestert, and my slumlord diva Laurel "with multiple names and a mysteriously invisible deaf and hard of hearing teacher as her sibling " Weldena Lightner, black former housing authority attorney no relation to the Georgian Lew Lightner, thanks be to God

THEY! ALL ! KNEW. So they partied, traveled, took vacations, and made headlines to placate our fury, which ended briefly after the toilet paper wars, etc. Meanwhile, in the Americans fury to build back better, no one listens to the tellers, yet.]

Carribean queen: time signature = the rate of covid-19 fatalities this time last year.
VOCAL performance by Labyrinth,

Music for the series, EUPHORIA

The dividing line is actually a worldwide web:
"Euphoria" is about teens who grow up online. It
shows how a generation lives and learns via an
unfiltered, constantly accessible internet, which i
a reality past generations didn't go through . "I
think that's what makes this generation different

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