#Jeopardy!Self-Destructs on Purpose, A sad and sorrowful end to a once proud and elegant icon's legacy of Truth, Justice, and the American Way


Dr. Mehmet Oz: In 2021, the best we can expect from a profits-before-people , winners-take-all capitalism is the doctor with the permanently arched eyebrows. Dr. Oz paired with Jeopardy is unsustainable, unless someone has decided to end this game show as the world has come to know and love it.
The solution, if he is retained, is to boycott the show to speed up its demise.

Now, easily recall what happened the last time pink-skinned folks in power promoted an unqualified person with compromised ethics and morals. "THEY!" said give the POTUS45 time to " grow into the position". Now, he has returned to his glamourous Florida lifestyle and the nation has lost over half a million people and been left with a deadly virus mutating faster than our attempts to subdue last years OG- COVID19 and COVID-21.

Remember that his worst case scenario is Oprah having to take him and his family in at one of her residences. It will never come to that. It is time America votes with its TV remotes and grants Dr. OZ's banal media empire an early retirement with extreme prejudice- a lifetime ban from all media.

Words still matter. Dr. OZ's expertise at MESMERIZATION is at least 24 months past its "use by" date. Sad and tragic to lose Jeopardy! as collateral damage, but worth every tear shed to never have to see or hear from this man again. Reminder, permanent retirement will not harm him, but it will give him years, if we are really lucky, to write and self- publish his memoir as a cautionary tale: "How NOT To Become Rich and Famous".

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.