The 2021Democratic Party has lied to those of us who trusted them to preserve our representative democracy.

An "N" of One ( n=1) That Is Statistically Too Deadly in Significance

Dear Jeff Jones:
These are my reflections after your recent Facebook Live message:

As you know, the governance issues that Senator Warnock spoke about indicts himself and the entire Democratic Party. Their malfeasance has hurt all USA citizens by what I will call dramatic unrefutable documented evidence, albeit anecdotal ( a sample size of 1( one); but here n=1 is Statistically Significant.

Because the Democratic Senate Caucus class of 2021 suspended the filibuster to pass Debt Ceiling legislation ( n=1):

1.) They could have passed the entire Build Back Better legislative agenda as originally proposed for 10 Trillion in the summer of 2021

2.) They could have passed the voting rights and civil rights legislation in the summer of 2021

3.) They could have than strengthened Roe V. Wade and placed necessary checks and balances on the hard-right activist SCOTUS and put to bed the Unconstitutional ANTI-CRT laws once and for all.

4.) If they had accomplished items 1 through 3, we could have come together to avoid the current inflation and supply chain bottlenecks.

5.) If they had accomplished items 1 through 4, POTUS 46 COULD HAVE Convened a Joint Session to address
a.) Covid19 and the need for a national healthcare plan to end our current 24 month status on planet Earth in COVID19 hospitalizations,
b.) Legislation to prevent any further coup d’etats using the Internet and social media and justice for all the US House of Rep. And US Senators who aided and abetted the 1.6.2020 insurrectionists.

6.) Because items 1 through 5 have not been accomplished, the TITANIC LIE HAS BEEN REVEALED:
The Democratic Party has lied to those of us who trusted them to preserve our representative democracy. All of the suffering, sickness, and death within the majority-minorities was preventable and as of today has become irreversible.

7.) As the USA’S origin narrative and susbsequent history have accurately predicted, the One Percenters have determined that the USA is sustainable and profitable as a neo-fascist Cannabalistic Capitalist dictatorship with robust xenophobic, mysogynist, state theocratic leanings. The inaction of the articulate and smart high-functioning Democratic class of 2021 will be known as complicit in the Third Post-Reconstruction. A mostly functionally illiterate population of over 100 million will attempt to secure a permanent New Jim Crow Era in 2022.
Retrograde racist praxis and pedagogy will dominate civil society

8.) Items 1 through 8 are not conspiracy theories. They are a series of verfiable and or predictable logical consequences as U.Haque, PeterJoseph, R.D.Wolff, C.West, A.Carr, K.Hunter, Anand G., T.Snyder, Thom Hartmann, A.Davis, M. Blyth, Matthew Cooke, Democracy Now!, The Guardian, The Hill, TYT, LSE, and other marginalized voices have heralded and chronicled.

Meanwhile, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC,NPR/PBS, ESPN, and add whomever else you wish , have only entertained and distracted. The USA has chosen not to fund local and national journalism. We have no national conversations even attempting to engage the literate and no widely effective infrastructure to identify and eradicate functional illiteracy which should be only 1% to 2 %of the total current USA POPULATION. current rates are a minimum of ten times higher-- and increasing.

To be continued...???
Time will, as always, reveal everything.

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021. All Rights Reserved.


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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.