1.) It's bad enough if you get infected with COVID19 it's also not much fun if you get the flu but did you know you can have both conditions at the same time and it's an especially deadly combination researchers say COVID19 patients who also get the flu are twice as likely to die the research has just been published in the medical journal the lancet based on the findings scientists say COVID19 patients who have been hospitalized should be routinely tested for flu they also say it's very important to be vaccinated against both COVID19 and the flu the 2 that scenes are very different getting a vaccine for one condition can't protect you against the other- source, THE WEATHER CHANNEL 4.05.2022

2.) NowTHIS News for the millions of Americans who have had COVID19 it a new study finds it can leave patients at risk for heart problems for at least a year after infection that includes everything from heart originally used to blood clots even mild infections increase the risk of heart failure by 72 percent heart attack by 63 percent and the risk of stroke by 52 percent researchers say the risk remains elevated even when accounting for things like age race and obesity the study was conducted before vaccines are widely available so it's unclear how that might have impacted the findings the study appears in the journal nature medicine.
source, THE WEATHER CHANNEL 4.05.2022


COVID19 chooses to move through human populations on Planet Earth. Unlike too many homo sapiens, COVID19 has proven since its' inception that it is NOT RACIST, NOT HOMOPHOBIC, NOT XENOPHOBIC, NOT MISOGYNISTIC, NOT ELITIST, NOT NATIVIST,NOT AGEIST, NOT AFRAID OF ANYONE OR ANYTHING. Like all Novel Coronaviruses, it will always mutate as it attempts to thrive amongst human populations. Unlike an attention-seeking and obsessed sociopath, it NEVER HAS TO DEMAND OUR ATTENTION.

ALL these truths notwithstanding, humans can manage their risk of contracting COVID19 and their potential for being an unwitting transmitter of COVID19 contagion to others. Wearing a facemask is AN ACT OF SELF-LOVE AND OTHER-LOVE. Hand washing with soap & water and or hand sanitizer can be done anywhere and anytime depending upon where you are and what cleaners you can afford/ access easily. Social Distancing is also a simple intervention. However, public and private venues/employers/hospitality purveyors must support/accomodate social distancing by "making space available".

Basically, the more flexible, empathic, compassionate, and courageous you are, the easier your PERSONAL RISK MANAGEMENT will always be. Any extended or abbreviated review of our global journey with COVID19 will verify that last statement. But, to be clear, resistance is FUTILE, and carries with it some deadly long-term and or short-term consequences.

What choices will you make today and every day to manage your risk of contracting and or spreading COVID19?

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