Universal Commonly SHARED vocabulary-
PART 2 of a Limited Series

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Sample Summative Assessment From Actual MOOC ( A massive Open Online Course in American Civics) (target cohort 18-22 and older; adaptable for all grade levels and ability levels)

Well, it's Final's Week Jeff Jones : Here is my final project and work-in-progress. A public critique is respectfully requested. " I dreamed a dream, then woke up in the midst of a dark and stormy nightmare of epic proportions. This is MY STORY.

ABSTRACT: This method of narrative was inspired by the narrative history techniques of Historian Howard Zinn. If each of us seeks mastery of our autobiographical narrative, we can discover our callings and see how we are also 'sent' to achieve the purposes of our lives on Planet Earth. In the process, which will be different expenditures of time and energy, growth is practically guaranteed.

Topic Social studies , collaboration, music mathematics( syncopation, evolution of rhythm)

Universal Commonly SHARED VOCABULARY:

Free ideas assembled by fellow classmate Vernon P Nickerson, MA in a way that makes sense in my world after taking former Paterson, NJ Mayor Jeff Jones' American Civics 101 Massive Open Online Course

( my visioning value-added proposition: Now Available on Coursera/ The Google Classroom/ YouTube/ Apple Podcasts)
( My MANTRA/ CHANT/MEDITATION: Lifelong Learning is the Price we Must all pay to live in a Democratic Republic. Home is a place where we finally accept the full faith and credit of our founding documents. )

Liberal, liberals, social democrats, UN, Poor People's Campaign,
all my friends and family, all of the people they love and want to love. There is enough, in fact, when we share there is abundance for each one as they have need. Unconditional Love, Unconditional Positive Regard, The Golden Rule are lived realities that THEY! will never want for me or anyone else.
Why not the best? There is little I need to pay for if my self-sufficiency is fully supported by design.
I can be happily married.
I can be a father
I can have the car I need now.
What is the transportation I need?
What are the natural medicinal products I need?
What I want for everybody to be about. A 13 point comparison template: for each side

Favor the Person/ Commons
Seek to Liberate
Seek to Unite
Seek to Protect
Seek to Enfranchise
Encourage Individuality
Celebrate Diversity
Embrace Science and Art
Promote Peace
Promote Hope
Promote Education
Promote Cooperation
Indulge in Truth

CONSERVATIVES - Forever Trumpers, anarchists, orthodox belief systems with special knowledge available to a special set aside ( HOLY) small group, limited resources, everyone can never really understand, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, real and imagined fears, terror, poverty, chaos, we will always have, but you can never really get or have enough. And their are all sorts of published documents that tell them they are always right and are divinely appointed to win it all!

Favor the Wealthy/Corporations
Seek to Subjugate
Seek to Divide
Seek to Exploit
Seek to Disenfranchise
Encourage Conformity
Fear Diversity
Oppose Science and Art
Promote Aggression
Promote Fear
Promote Ignorance
Promote Unilaterism
Indulge in Deception

I DO NOT ANY LONGER WISH TO SUPPORT OR REMAIN SILENT AND HENCE be silently complicit with any part of the Conservative Agenda


This is my engagement with and synthesis of the textbook AND amplified by your live streamed lectures. In a reversal of typical post-graduate learning, I engage with artifacts ( textbook, music, my narrative of lived experience and 49 years of workforce experience and training) to create my personal seminal artifact that I am submitting for rigorous review by my instructor and all my classmates ( if they want to continue the conversation and or see if it works for their best lives).
Thank you, Mayor Jones, for your awesome class!


Vernon P. Nickerson, MA
Host, One Opinionated Son of A Blacksmith! on WWW.VEGERADIO.COM
Writing Partner, www.medium.com
Chief Schoolcoach, VernonNickersonSchoolcoach



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.