USA, USA, STOP the PRE-Trial Exoneration of ALEC BALDWIN!

"An industry veteran with credits dating to the early ’90s, Halls has worked on films such as “Bone Tomahawk,” “Balls of Fury,” “A Prairie Home Companion,” “Bad Santa,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” “A Simple Plan” and “Fargo.” In a grim coincidence, he worked as the first assistant director on the second unit of the 2000 movie “The Crow: Salvation,” the sequel to “The Crow,” the film on which Brandon Lee died in an on-set gun accident in 1993.".- from the article

Look folks, does anyone believe the shooter to be that trusting and absent of one iota of guile to have then pointed a deadly weapon at a human being and accidentally pulled the trigger?

If you want to talk about "grim coincidences" let's focus upon such coincidences in the life of the shooter because they are easily researched using any public library newspaper archives or the world wide web. In fact, I shall not mention any.

However, I will say that we live in the most weaponized country on the planet. Our country was colonized and controlled by armed corporate entities. The USA has a long and sordid history of tolerating sociopathic behaviors of the rich and famous. There is a 500 year legacy in the USA of scapegoating innocent people whose only crime was forgiving and trusting others who had legendary histories of violating others' trust. The colloquialisms "screwed over", and "royally screwed" exist for good reason. Even the crew who essentially went on strike hours before the shooting were simply "canaries" with the good common sense to fly up and out of the mineshaft-- before everything blew up.

Would any reasonable person point a weapon anyone handed to them directly at two living human beings, killing one and wounding another? Everything I have heard first hand from people "in the business" supports the thesis that safety protocols were not followed.

Silence the public narrative and work with all diliberate speed to bring this matter to trial. Lets focus on swift justice AND legislation to ensure this never happens again. I say let this be the test case for disarming all militias authorized by extant amendments to the US Constitution. We are all culpable, but there was one shooter who aimed and shot without any prompting.

Who told Alec Baldwin to aim a potentially always deadly weapon at two human beings and then said, pull the trigger? At the end of the day, all Mr. Baldwin had was his lived experience and whatever memories he had around safe use of firearms when unarmed bystanders are within the line of fire. Those memories were present when he pulled the trigger. He was not known to be physically or cognitively disabled when he aimed and shot the gun. He understood a loaded weapon was something that could kill another human being. He is at the top of his craft in an industry known for human cruelty as a behavioral baseline norm and lauded for its skills at deceit, distraction, and high risk-taking.

Yet we hear only the sound of cicadas and crickets from everyone EXCEPT those seeking to promote scapegoats and speculation for clickbait and profit. They are the only ones out and about speaking out (double meanings intentional here). The fact that there are still op eds being published ahead of charges being filed indicates how desperately the moguls want the facts to fade away. They want the prosecution to be drowned in a sea of theories that they rely on their audiences to provide. That allows them to publish more theories and expand the list of "persons of interest". So far, American systems are doing exactly what we expect them to do about white collar crime -- make much ado about nothing and find lower caste scapegoats by any means necessary!

Or does this mess capture our attention and hold it for ransom BECAUSE that is what the vox populai want? crave? desire? prefer? Even if that is all true, we need respite from yet another rich white man getting away with murder, accidental or intentional. Enough, already! Really!

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.