Valentines Day in 2021 America:

Streisand's Exquisite Lamentation the Day after POTUS45's Insanity and death-producing Behavioral Choices are once again rewarded and affirmed.


Beautiful and perfectly-pitched, timely and powerful message. Perhaps only a talent like Barbara Streisand could have produced this music and video. Sadly, it is a national and global lament to psychopaths ( mentally ill narcissists) whose behaviors ( with deadly consequences like 1.6.21 and the ongoing COVID-19 debacle) leave us suffering all the negative consequences. Meanwhile POTUS45 and crew live lives of luxury and peace.🥶😡😠🤬💀☠

POTUS45, without intense long term treatment will never see or feel tears/ sadness, he will continue to sleep very well, and could care less about anyone's horizon except his own. Such is the raw power of profound, pervasive, and persistent mental illness, wrapped in other people's billions and this weekends legal victory after a reign of terror, misery, and death from 2015 through 1.6.2021. Once again, America has glorified an evil that refuses comfort and continues an inexorable (?) unstoppable (?!?) destruction of the only nation and planet we have ever been able to successfully inhabit. It's not just POTUS45, it's also 43 US Senators and apparently 100% of those who voted them into office, wealthy and well-armed civilians and local law enforcement. And another day of humans raging against unconditional love, eternal life, and peace for all on the planet. We live in terror of our ultimate success. How long? Oh, Love, how long?

(C)VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2021



Vernon Nickerson TCHR-of-im(perfect)/perfectHRMNYS

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.