Vernon Nickerson Schoolcoach Uncovers Game-Changing Historical Connection to American Systems of Public Education’s History of Denial of Educational Opportunity to BIPOC

NEWS FLASH: Emmet TILL was a differently-abled teen whose mother had advocated for him to successfully progress within the mainstreamed GenEd cohort within Chicago Public Schools! Glenda Hicks, Mamye Alexander Gardner,Michael Djghen Patterson@Cherise Hall, Myesha Hill,Tanithia Hill, Deyon Dawson and Deyon Dawson, when you told me that my success as the least resourced classroom at my LAUSD special day school would up-end Special Education’s ‘party line’ you were prophetic and prescient. You have to listen to just about the end of this virtual lecture I attend on Saturdays OR watch the ABC TV- all black-produced limited series (funded by predominantly Black females= the MONEY people are Producers). Young Mr. Till was a breach birth baby. His fearless mother Mamie Till, advocated against a dominant culture system that wanted to put her son (with the brilliant mind without a filter to defer to white southern men and women as they were too accustomed to being deferred to — and he was murdered simply for “not knowing his place”, so to speak.

Fast forward to spring semester 2020 and one of my last in-person IEP’s with Valerie Chow Vice-Principal; my young gifted and Black male student from South Central Los Angeles, who, after an activist school counselor forced the District to test using GenEd-normed assessments it was proven that the student SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY DENIED the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and only wanted to have a career as a voice-over actor.

They had merely only ever presented as gender indeterminate; that apparently was enough for some gender-phobic conservative Black or white educator — it matters not when pre-judice is involved. Now you understand that rather than sue my former employer into Kingdom come, the mother and son “escaped” with their family intact with the terror of COVID-19 Lockdown looming large in the background and foreground of June 2020.

Meanwhile, why were all my viable CTC credentials which I borrowed money to earn ERASED from the CTC.CA.Gov database some time between January 7 when I last checked them and January 11, when I was being interviewed for a long-term substitute position needing to be filled after news reports confirmed 14% of LAUSD teaching staff have tested positive for Covid-Omicron? Yes, after two years of transitioning to investigative historical curriculum developer, independent-film reviewer and internet radio host, I have uncovered a Corrupt Corporate chain-of-command and complicit United Teachers (union?!?) of Los Angeles…to be continued. All I ever wanted was to teach and make a positive difference in the lives of our future generations. (C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. All rights Reserved Jeff Jones, Jeffrey Sterling Warren Lawson, Lovell Nash , Jr.— we (one or more of Y’all)need to chat; rather, I need to chat at any of your earliest possible conveniences. Thanks in advance.

Note to my Gentle Readers: As you all know, much of my life has seemingly been a weird series of unfortunate events. It has made for (I hope) interesting reading. All I ever wanted was to teach and make a positive difference in the lives of our future generations.



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.