What choices will you make today and every day to manage your risk of contracting and or spreading COVID19?

Three Questions Proposed To Pivot Public Policy towards Peace.*


The link above connects you to an interactive map of the USA. You can see the following data:
More poor and low wealth Americans have died from COVID19.
More people in urban and suburban areas have died from COVID19.
In every state with a history of Nativism, Xenophobia, Racism and OR Homophobia, more people died from COVID19.

From my POV and observations for 49 years of professional practice of Teaching and Personal Coaching, the trouble with orthodox Nativists is that they would prefer a planet free of people not in their traditional cultural affinity group. Orthodox xenophobes would greatly prefer only those in their traditional cultural affinity group remain on planet Earth.

The orthodox racists are perhaps the cruelest and most sociopathological of the four groups; they would keep some people without pink skincolor as slaves, sex surrogates, and enslaved sex workers and or athletes and or entertainers. Homophobes pushing back against medical research and HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, diagnosis and treatment have "achieved" an ongoing and deadly genocide-suicide rate removing LGBTQIA+ people and infants, toddlers, and minors of undeterminate sexual orientation expression from life on Planet Earth.

From a theological and psychological point of view, members of each of these four fear-based hate groups are simply not interested in working together for a world, a planet Earth in this instance, that works for all of its inhabitants. What* specific legislative and public policy is being manifested, i.e., written, passed, and implemented to broker a peaceful resolution to this centuries old foundational conflict? Given the global proliferation of automatic rifles, tanks and other weapons of 20th Century ballistic and biochemical warfare,
nuclear weapon bearing submarines, nuclear power plants, and armed nuclear ballistic missiles, when* will the United Nations be called upon to initiate a peaceful resolution to this centuries old foundational conflict?
Will* the same USA Executive Branch celebrating the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, requesting the US Legislative Branch to strengthen Medicaid/Medicare, and asking Congress to make increases in benefits permanent ALSO work tirelessly to form a "coalition of the willing" to broker, initiate, and implement a resolution to this centuries old foundational conflict?

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