What is America to the Chinese American in Iran?


What made an American of Chinese ancestry think that he would be welcomed in a country that clearly wants revenge for too many years of American Imperialism? Why did his University treat him as intentional collateral damage? He thought he was a white man from an Ivy League institution with privilege. He was still Chinese and hated by White America and White American and hated by Iran. He failed to read the rooms…If they really wanted to support his scholarship, they could have offered to share his documents of interest and 'go to the library virtually’. 3 years and 4 months lost with his family for some papers is a ridiculously inflated price for anyone to pay.

Graeme Wood fails to understand that Xiyue Wang is mad and furious at himself. Everyone elses' history had told him who they were. More pertinent to his being a pawn, he ignored these historical narratives created over centuries. He deluded and mesmerized himself when he could have believed the historical record. I find it interesting that he apparently never understood the risk inherent in who he is in the 21st Century.

Once, upon a time, I too was 38 and a doctoral student. I too awakened in horror to the fact that I had given up a community that could have launched me into an academic activist career to move over 2000 miles east to join a community that never even liked me. Furthermore, in my case, they also never had any intention of me being successful.

I see you, Xiyue Wang. Please press on, let go of anger directed inward on yourself, and finish your degree! Bon Chance, mon ami!

So now, in addition to being furious at himself, and justifiably so, he discovers none of the people who at least presented as being allies even have empathy--- AND they hold his PhD in their hot little hands. This is a Princetonian Clusterf%$#k of epic proportions.

Let their silence be a reminder that your alma mater is cutthroat and POTUS45, not known for being a savior probably saved your life. That immaculate conception is all the more reason to finish your studies and earn the PhD. Channel your fury to reach the goal.

The only sustainable solution is to hurry up, get them to grant the phd, then write the book that excoriates the lot of "THEM!" Leverage the freedoms you once AGAIN, fully enjoy. Get the degree done..ASAP!

“Forty months,” he continued. “That’s a lot of time to think about things.” He reflected on his months in prison but also on his months as a free man in Tehran, when he spent more time among Iranians than nearly any other American who is not a dual national. During that period, he said he met no regime supporters. “But to my surprise, when I came back to the United States, there were many sympathizers with the regime, ”** he said. These were in some cases people who disliked America—“people who thought because Iran is anti-American, there must be some redeemability there, ”** Wang told me. “Can you imagine how furious this makes me, every single day?”

**- A pox on both their houses!

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