When Neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye; WHITE COLLAR CRIME IN LOS ANGELES; or “LET”S Make the Black gay disabled formerly homeless guy made unemployable by LAUSD+UTLA pay to live in illegal housing and split the rent proceeds!”

“LET”S Make the Black gay disabled formerly homeless guy made unemployable by LAUSD+UTLA pay to live in illegal housing and split the rent proceeds!” Said Alabama native Gina Williams, 818–481–7901, Employed by National Council of Jewish Women , 543 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036–1715 ,BFF to BSTCAH case Manager Kate Kornberg (310–920–3518). Ms Williams called her employer to thank her for the $9000.00 they gave her to move and store my personal belongings for 30 days. I know Ms. Williams made $8000.00 on the day I was put back into homelessness. Please will someone call them up and ask them why they victimized a LAUSD SPED educator? Then call Carl Beaird (323)–893–2344 and ask him why he referred me to his slumlord sister’s housing unfit for human habitation?

Kevin Nye, kevin@thecenterninhollywood.org, He literally is a sheep/scapegoat/sacrificial lamb sent for slaughter. The company’s only Black person is a formerly incarcerated felon. He lied. He has had his position since 2016, when my mother was still alive and I lived in Wisconsin. My mediator should asked why he intentionally misspoke of being ‘“New”. In point of fact, he is was rewarded with 2 promotions after I was made homeless by Gina Williams.


Good Thursday Evening! Thank you for your masterful facilitation this afternoon. Remind me way way down the road that you already interviewed for the position I want to hire you for ,Lead Mediator Mentor.

I am confident that even if nothing tangible comes from this. It will trouble him for the rest of his life — Fuller saw to that when they produced a White Evangelical who is, as quiet as he tried to keep it, a wealthy and powerful scion of a family I will now attempt to thoroughly vet. NOTE WELL, 1.) he admits that lease was illegal the day I signed it. 2.)To their credit, my former case managers told the truth; that matches my story, 3.) He is nervous, he certainly knows his law firm — he is I am sure required to have them on speed dial. Did you notice he did not say he did not know any of the names-I-was-dropping-on-purpose? 4.) He can lie with no flinching or eye movement. That strongly suggests superior self-control. But I wonder if he realizes when he puts one (or both?) hands in front of his mouth, he is literally zipping his mouth SHUT TIGHT. I gave him all my credentials on purpose, and he knew no one could be allowed to see his facial expressions, so why hide at all?

Here they raised $10,000 in a single night:


Rudy Salinas 626–524–5253 should be called to testify. He told me that his Executive team had been told to “disavow me”. He was still employed as late as July 2019. Where did he land? I suspect he was exited because of what they did to me OR there were no disciplinaries or consequences.
Also, why didn’t he bring the results and response to the grievance I filed with Rudy Salinas? That would have supported his position. No, they had already decided I was not worthy of their minimum effort to provide justice.


PS: Yep, all that stuff about having no money! YOU CALLED THAT! The Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Los Angeles Archdiocese are about as bankrupt of soul and US dollars as Joe Rogan, white-boy, please! The great thing about Christians is that none of us lie well, the truth is we have all lied and fallen short at one time or another. The BEST THING ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING IS THE FULLER connection, who is KEVIN NYE? Oh, by the way, I didn’t tell you I am a skilled creator of verbatim transcripts — it is how I keep my eyelids from spamming. My transcript has already left the building, bound for Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin, Santa Clara, CA, , Stamford CT, and NEW YORK, NEW YORK. I am sure I forgot to mention that my late Uncle Joe Mark Nickerson, had the entire Edgar Bronfman (Seagrams heir) and Richard Millhous Nixon residential and executive cleaning contracts. The company was called Executive Maintenance, INC, my cousin Mrs. Gordon was bookkeeper. Her sister, Mrs. Charles (sadly, not Vera Charles) converted to Roman Catholicism to have her Catholic Cathedral wedding and reception fully produced by …”Edgar Bronfman, personally, as a labor of love for Joe Mark’s decades of loyal service. Of course none of these Nickerson/Bell folk give me the time of day! Homophobia is a high art form in Black American families! And I am considered an UNDERACHIEVER and mental defective. So I understand why DJT is the GOLDEN MAGICAL White man of his clan. WE prefer remaining an underachiever!

Good evening, Peter Lynn! 2.17.22, Blessed Sacrament sent Kevin NYE, also a Fuller grad. Kevin I feel is a scapegoat and or sacrificial lamb. I do not know why he lied about being new and unaware of my situation. He was a Program Manager before I was placed and has been promoted TWICE while I was suffering. He stated several times that they knew the contract was illegal the day I signed it. He was fine with an apology AFTER HIS ‘Confession’, and actually hoped I would accept it and leave the mediation. Two hours later, he was surprised and annoyed that I was still suggesting solutions to “make me whole”. Do you think I should refer the matter to the LA City Attorney? He also claims he has no idea how Ms. Gina Williams came to the agency as a landlord looking to rent ‘affordable’ housing. Kate, my case manager, introduced Gina Williams as a friend. I do not trust Kevin NYE, Kate Kornberg, nor Gina Williams. Two of the three perpetuated a fraud. Since Kate still works for Kevin as a direct report, they are all complicit — at a minimum for defrauding me. Isn’t that considered a felony? Can’t they (LAMP, the parent company) at least be barred for competing for grants for some years? Who else have they scammed and they never lived to tell their stories?

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Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.