Who exactly is Willard Carroll Smith II ?


Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Mesmerized! I thought I saw a famous over-dressed-like-his-white-handlers black entertainment elite male, Willard Carroll Smith II, being directed to slap another famous over-dressed-like-his-white-handlers on his left cheek, but I didn't hear a slap. I also saw Christopher Rock execute a picture-perfect response to "being hit hard". But watch his face; somebody forgot to photoshop "in" the part where his face snaps back into place. Where is the original soundtrack? Well, the fact that I am just getting around to that question 72 hours later matters. It "confirms" the BIG CON was a HUGE AND MONEY-MAKING "SUCK-SESS". By now, the professionals responsible for sound engineering are the only people who can reveal if skin made contact with an open hand.

The broadcast should have been stopped, a program that was over 3 full hours at that point could have ended its live stream while LAPD at the scene of the crime detained the slapper, the slapper's wife, and the recipient of the slap and investigated what we all thought we saw, live and in living color. However, this is the USA at a global entertainment celebration that only happens one time every year. And-- NO ONE WHO MATTERS ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ANY OF THE ACTORS involved. It would have also ended anyone's ability to profit from what many thought they saw.

There were more LAPD/ LA County Sherriff/ personal celebrity security guards visible when some random white guy ran behind David Niven at a previous OSCAR broadcast than we saw Sunday live from Disney's Land of Enchantment and Make-Believe. Congratulations to the entire ABC-TV OSCAR TEAM. Distraction Mission Accomplished! Violence Promoted! The Dark Side in the USA will feed off of this by saying, "See, this is how "THOSE BIPOC FOLK ARE, even when they are UBER WEALTHY GENERATIONALLY. WE have been trying for Centuries to prove this/tell all y'all, but it took this to finally have them reveal their TRUE COLORS!"

This entire media empire production represents exactly why we need new laws to rein in the unbridled power and control of the corporate-media-industrial-complex in our global universe/ Milky Way Galaxy. Note well that Will and Jada and their extended family have by design and for profit placed every aspect of their individual and family relationships on public display since the dawn of the new century. None of the principals or supporting actors involved are known to be mindless, cognitively or behaviorally impaired, or developmentally challenged. If they never worked another day in their luxurious and opulent lives, they ( and "WE!) would be just fine.

What would toxicology reports taken at the crime scene have revealed about the principal players? Who was /is(?) on steroids, alcoholic beverages, opoids, or other drugs which predispose the user to unmindful, risky and violent behavior? Why would two legendary "Yoki-Like" comics, both heterodox black males, one with a significant and relevant history of toxic male domestic violence and estrangement, both divorcees (where there was allegedly bad blood/mojo) " uncharacteristically(!?!?), suprisingly (?!?) come to blows to "protect" the mother/feminine? The Motion Picture Academy, The Pinkett Smith "branded" Family, and Chris Rock, Inc. (Fan Club) all profit. The world is treated to opulence, spectacle, comedy, drama, and performances by the creme de la creme of American Performing Arts. Multiple brutal, illegal(??), and always deadly wars in multiple nations around planet Earth are rendered invisible. A global COVID 19 pandemic continues, seemingly unstoppable. The USA draws one month closer to the end of its days as a 21st Century Democratic Republic. Governors are allowed to govern in ways directly harmful to the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people who, for the moment, are allowed to live and move and have their being another day.

There is little the average and not-generationally-wealthy can do once the edict to kill-murder-destroy goes out among the over-weaponized hordes intoxicated on illegal drugs, tobbacco, and caffeine. Except to write-edit-publish and thus memorialize/bear witness to the fact that we knew better, we could have solved all of our so-called difficult and or challenging problems of human beings in global community. But "WE!" chose, more often than not, the way of the passive-aggressive gaslighting suicidal/homicidal/patricidal/ matricidal sociopath.

But the writing and coaching and teaching, and mentoring of learners, their families and one somebody who loves them all, continues. Unbought, unbowed, profound, pervasive, persistent, prolific- the work proceeds apace. I deeply appreciate the opportunity this Wednesday, March 30 2022 has brought and will bring. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of indoctrination, a.k.a. " What to do while Nero fiddles and Empires decompensate."

We Do Not Need To HAVE IT ALL. Will we ever acknowledge this Universal Truth?

(C) VernonNickersonSchoolcoach 2022. All rights reserved



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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson


STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.