Why is 2 S’s, 2 L’s and 2T’s still in Roland S. Martin’s curated news cycle? Who makes money from interviewing Jussie’s brothers? Their brother, who they never say how much they love and care about, is on his way to a very safe place, if Martha Stewart’s jail house experience is to be believed.

Jussie admitted to putting drugs of unknown content/origin and known to be illegal into his body. Once he admitted to illegal and legal psychotropic drug use, we were all dealing with JUSSIE on DRUGS, INTOXICATED, CORRUPTED, CHEMICALLY ALTERED. There is no evidence that he has stopped. There is no legal reason for him not to stop using psychotropic meds. As long as we all acknowledge this, there is no reason for Jussie to remain in the news until his release from jail. His yelling while being taken from the courtroom — mugging for cameras, plain and simple?/ OR drug-induced lability? Can he play well with his new cohort? Will they respect him?/exploit him?/ elevate him to Bill Cosby level inside prison’s social castes? How will his jailers treat him? Will Jussie be able to purchase kid glove care while incarcerated? Will he write a memoir, stage play, or screenplay? I wish it was legal to give Jussie and his entire legal team and biological family Sodium Pentothal, a.k.a, truth serum (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-truth-serum/) to hear the whole sorry saga of what illegal drugs has wrought.

Because J.S. is an admitted-while-under-oath illegal drug user, it would be suicidal for anyone LGBTQIA+. and or prone to addictions legal or illegal to become any further attracted to this young black gay man called Jussie Smollett. Jussie’s best case outcome is “drug-induced psychosis robs another talented black actor of his future career.” What lessons does his journey teach us? Will his friend and confidant Don Lemon suffer a similar end? Anderson Cooper has had another baby by a surrogate, so his rehabilitation is complete. RANDY ANDY Cohen was just acting in his excremental orifice modality congruent with his ‘real housewives’ brand, so he could be drunk and ranting daily — and his rep will grow exponentially, regardless.

In the meantime, ATTENTION ALL BIPOC ADULTS: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU CAN DO IT WITHOUT BEING CONVICTED OF A FELONY, SENTENCED TO PRISON , AND OR by INGESTING ILLEGAL DRUGS. Three strikes and you are out is still true in American Baseball, last time I checked. But there is healing possible for Jussie if he can be left alone without an audience to trigger his emotions. Some level of alone time for his family may benefit their long-term wellbeing concurrent with Jussie’s incarceration.

As I alternate between contemplation and composition, I recall how diligently NYPD searched for the drug dealers who sold Michael K. Williams his last dose of illegal drugs. I wish someone(s) on CPD would be as diligent in finding out what all was in the drugs Jussie had been consuming to cope with whatever was going on in his life, simply because this lung man and his family are yet alive. Sadly, unless and until we can replace street dealers, distributors, smugglers, and drug cartel kingpins with legal and regulated drugs, this is not the last injustice wealthy, bright, witty, sassy, and traumatized persons who are at the top of their games will suffer needlessly.

Note to ROLAND S. MARTIN: Somebody(-ies) is (are) laughing all the way to the bank on this story alone. I just want to know who that is/they are. Just in case they are folks I might have revered or otherwise looked up to. Who would want to associate with anyone comfortable with making money off this sad story of one American Family in the 21st Century?

(C) Vernon Nickerson Schoolcoach 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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