Without Paid Internet Access can you access ethical, moral, accurate truthful news in 2022 USA?


Consider this reporting from TYT:

FIRST. Amazon New York warehouse unionization effort from within is successful. Note well exactly the timeline of events:
Globally powerful and financially secure corporation undervalues/underpays its hourly workers since its inception. Workers demanded to give 100% of their time and effort to a single employer in exchange for being exploited, abused, and maltreated. Wouldn't almost anyone treated like this want to unionize as a matter of survival?

SECOND. "The most important criminal justice legislation of _____." - US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about DEMS voting to legalize marijuana. The initiative could resolve problems sharing wealth in the USA. This is pitched as a "competition" with big pharma(opioid), big alcohol, big tobacco. In truth, the least deadly, addictive, and toxic/permanently disabling substance is 420. The historical demonization of 420 no longer works; history has documented this for decades. With medically supervised dosing with a medical-grade legal and regulated formula of a balanced THC:CBD tincture, would Will and Jada and Chris and AMPAAS be the foursome everyone is talking about in 2022?

THIRD. Jen Psaki has not addressed dealing with people who will be her paid employers by contract if/when(?) she goes to work at MSNBC as a "News Show" Host. It is a historic case of the high profile Federal Employee going directly (A LATERAL MOVE(?), A JOB WITHOUT A TOP SECRET CLEARANCE, and with massive increase in salary. The majority of the media consuming population will want to watch just to see/ hear what Jen Psaki does and says about any current news story.

( insert commercial HERE):
Twas two months before CHRISTMAS ( USA edition!), and all through the house, a symphony of creatures were serving up myriad distractions from COVID19. Mice continued to grow and reek havoc as roving gangs of disease and destruction.

For those really wanting to keep stocking stuffers separate, the tradition of hanging stockings continued and was revolutionized by a low tech innovation: small recycled cardboard boxes customized with each family members' first name, placed safely away from fireplaces which are now primary sources of whole house heating during winter and any additional freezing temperature days the rest of the calendar year.

FOURTH. US Healthcare was built on and has always built wealth for investors based upon un-healthy foods, poor to non-existent hygiene practices, undervaluing employers and underpaying overworked employees. Haven't we proven that we can provide free medical care to an entire nation when generational wealth increases as fast and COVID repeatedly mutates and spikes in fatalities and hospitalizations?

Did LAUSD + UTLA'S current new Superintendent* have to pay a single cent in order to get the job? Does he pay union dues to ensure he is treated with dignity and respect as an Educational Leader? Is he entitled to paid vacation and full health benefits from day one? Were 100% of his out-of-state credentials now accepted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialling required for Public School Administration? Has he ever had 20 or more IEP'S to write, update, manage, negotiate, close-out and or document in a 12-month academic year? Has he ever had to tell a parent that because their 22 year old special day school graduate was mis-evaluated and treated as uneducable mentally retarded that the student can never earn a free high school diploma or GED in California?
Has he ever been called up at 9:30 pm and cussed out/yelled at by a teacher's union rep for waking up the rep's male friend? Has he ever had a job interview end because his valid credentials were erased from being visible on a State website? Has he ever been homeless and full-time employed as an NPA/BII or certificated professional? Why did he choose to surrender a position of advocacy for public education for the pre-K to higher education cohort and their parents/ guardians in the State of Florida? Did his awkward(?) abrupt(?) departure directly result in a so-far successful elimination of civil and educational rights for LGBTQIA+ students and their parents in Florida public schools?

With one brother dead from HIV/AIDS at the start of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and another brother who was gay-bashed-bullied-stereotyped as a high school student, why has LAUSD Supt. Alberto M. Carvalho to date not been a vocal ally and or advocate for just Latin(-a/-o/-ix) and European ( Iberian) LGBTQIA+ students since toxic machismo is such a consistent and foundational pillar in all of his cultures-of-origin? Does this revelation that presents him as a loving and supportive ally to two gay male Portuguese siblings mean that his parents/grandparents/ etc. are also proud LGBTQIA+ allies and or advocates? Was merely telling a story of "I have two siblings who 'must(?)' be gay(?!?)" simply used to get him the LAUSD+UTLA job and appeal to 100% of the TESLA-EV/HYBRID/SUV crowd LOS ANGELES ELITES? Why would you respond to a BIPOC parent advocating on behalf of a public school that has successfully educated (?) students that is facing permanent closure with : "Well, if you invite me, maybe I'll visit ( YOUR SCHOOL (!!??!!))." [ all italics and punctuation are the author's]

As a veteran educator in his 49th year of creating, writing and publishing curricular content who just happens to be black, gay and 62-going-on-63 and born in the USA ( Chicago, IL) I was listening for every word you said regarding the so-called "Black LAUSD + UTLA Schools Plan". What I heard from *LAUSD Supt. Alberto M. Carvalho strongly implies that the "Black" schools' plan is under financed and does not go far enough fast enough in closing educational achievement gaps between too many BIPOC students and their pink-skinned counterparts. From my POV, every public school in every neighborhood should be providing state of the art technology and one-to-one learning support for 100% of their face-to-face and virtual learners and parents/ guardians. All Administrators within LAUSD should be placed on year-to-year Probation and be required to enroll in graduate studies in at minimum 3 Essential Subject Areas: 1.) Critical Race Theory, 2.) Basic Counseling and Coaching Skills ( with an emphasis in Self-care, Advocacy, and Mental Health First Aid- Crisis Counseling), and 3.) Human Resource Management by SHRM, Inc.

Historically, time-in-service and not competency has been the primary metric used to move classroom managers into school site / District Office/ District Administration supervisory and leadership positions. This tradition and practice must end immediately. Too many venal, mean, petty, grudge-holding revenge-seeking and vindictive, bullying, and charisma-fueled women and men are harming adults and placing our future citizenry in harms way daily-- because of this pathological, high liability business ( mal-) practice.

( And this was just from my First-shift early AM WEEKEND Writing Team! Props to my Stellar Coaching, Counseling, Educational Leader Consultancy Teams!)

Author's Notes:
(SEE "DESEGREGATION" at the link above)

I had completed my BSIE as a product of integrated public schools and one independently-integrated highly competitive private University ( NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1981) while Wisconsin, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Boston Massachusetts(?) and Georgia were still "trying to figure out" how to racially integrate preK- 12th grades and have a common core curriculum. This verifiable historical fact makes crystal clear why my time as a CA dual credentialled SPED educator only lasted 2 full academic calendar years and was driven into a 100% online educational consultancy once the USA chose to fully embrace COVID19 as its "21st Century Global Health Crisis of pandemic proportions".

(C) Vernon NickersonSchoolcoach 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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Vernon Nickerson

Vernon Nickerson

STOP ASSESS FACILITATE EDUCATE/EVOLVE/ EFFECT PERMANENT PEACE I Also am a minority advocate for humans choosing to be unconditionally loving. Be S.A.F.E.

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